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Teacher Consultation Services

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     With a Masters in Special Education, Tina Kennedy has 25 years of teaching experience in both Alberta and British Columbia, and in private, independent, and public school systems.  The following are starting points for various consulting services Tina can provide and she will customize all services based on client need.
     Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is the foundational pedagogy which Tina incorporates as an educator and as a learner. She can provide workshops to utilize UDL in the classroom and creates all professional development through the lens of UDL.
The following are some possible topics of inquiry:

  • Applying the UDL Guidelines to lesson planning

  • Equity, inclusion, and SEL via UDL

  • Program and unit design with the principles of Understanding by Design (Wiggins & McTighe)

  • Gift-enhancing for struggling students - a strength-based approach

  • Achieving success for struggling readers and writers

  • Understanding psycho-educational assessments and IEPs

  • Motivation and behaviour

  • Best practices in assessment to guide teaching and learning

Methods of Consultation

  • On-line (Zoom or Teams) or in-person
  • One-on-one, small groups, or large groups
  • Recursive process where supports and consultations are provided throughout the school year
  • Co-planning and co-teaching lessons
  • Modeling strategies in the classroom
  • Collaborative, action-based research
  • Equity audit within the classroom and/or organization
  • Can be customized to optimize individual PD allotment
  • Workshops & retreats
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