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About Coil

Customized - Organic - Intuitive - Learning

There is no one "right" way to learn.  At Coil, we honour the unique ways each individual's brain works so we can create a positive experience resulting in positive learning outcomes that are transferable to all areas of life.  Yes, we want to see students succeed in school; more importantly, we want to see them love to learn while embracing all the struggles this may entail.  We will work with learners ages 14-100 along with those who support their learning -- parents, teachers, community organizations, etc.


The name, "Coil," describes how learning is a constant cycle, revisiting previous learning to gain deeper and further understandings.  The logo with the two orca drawings symbolizes the need for balance and harmony between learners and their environments.  Addressing the emotional demands of learning will equate to more engagement which will, in turn, equate to real learning.


Through consultation, workshops and writing, we are committed to contributing to the craft of educating students by connecting the cognitive and emotional aspects of learning, and by inspiring educators to engage students in the classroom by using enhanced mindsets and tools.

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Meet Tina

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My name is Tina Kennedy and I am the sole proprietor of Coil Educational Consulting.

     I have been an educator for 25 years, but, really, I became a teacher when I was 13 and helping a fellow student while another student looked at me and said, "Tina, you're really good at that -- at explaining things to people."  This one affirmation started me on my journey to understanding how learning happens.  

     My gift is in my ability to intuit the unique ways others think and learn, and then walk softly beside them as they manifest their own gifts.  I have maintained a personal commitment to truth and reconciliation, resulting in an examination of my own worldview as I build relationships with Indigenous peoples and communities. I find myself drawn to Indigenous ways of knowing and embrace learning as a lifelong voyage.  I look forward to becoming part of your voyage.

Publications: •Kennedy, Tina. (2023). Embracing First Peoples Principles to Engage Students in Learning. Canadian Teacher Magazine, Fall 2023 issue. •Kennedy, Tina. (2004). A case of an UGLDS – unidentified gifted/learning disabled student. Australasian Journal of Gifted Education, 13(2), December 2004, 24-34

Original Logo.png

The original drawing of the Indigenous orca in this logo was done by Art Wilson of the Gitxsan Nation and gifted to Tina in 1999.  Ava Luna Art then completed the logo with the other orca and text.  

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