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Community Resources

The following is a list of community agencies which families can contact for various supports for child and family health, advocacy and resources.  Many are specific to Campbell River, but most have counterparts in other communities across British Columba.

If you're looking for a particular support in your community, please contact us via email or text and we'll do our best to connect you with the appropriate agency in your area.

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In Campbell River, if a youth is in immediate crisis, call RCMP direct line and request a wellness check:

BC Autism Assessment Network (BCAAN)

Campbell River Family Services Society (CRFS)

Child & Youth Mental Health (CYMH)

  • Campbell River Phone: 1.250.830.6500

Children & Youth with Support Needs (CYSN)

Community Living BC (CLBC)

Dogwood Place – Child and Youth Development Services

First Nations Health Authority (FNHA)

Jordan’s Principle

Kwakiutl District Council (KDC) Health

Laichwiltach Family Life Society (LFLS)

Rivercity Inclusion (formerly CRADACL)

Sasamans Society

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