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How do I explain it?

I hope to explore more of what I do as an educator, where I see success with my students and how I can possibly share that with others, so they can replicate what I’ve found successful. For a long time, when I’ve been asked how I got Johnny to read more fluently, or Janie to be more organized, or my class to be so engaged and respectful, my answer has often been, “I don’t know, I just do it.” I think it’s time to figure out how to explain it . . . I’m not the entertainer-teacher who makes every lesson exciting; I’m not the story-teller-teacher who hooks the class with a good tale that teaches. But, somehow I connect with students and they agree to go on the learning journey with me even when my lesson is horribly dry and boring.

I’m not the same teacher I was back in 1998 during my first practicum but that is where I learned about the connection game and started on the journey to figure out how to effectively make that connection happen.

Some of my blog posts will seek to explain what works for me as an educator and some will explore the various issues and topics within education now and for our future.

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