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Parent/Guardian Consultation

Understanding your child's diagnosis . . .

. . . and its potential impact on their learning.

What does the language mean? What is an IEP? What agencies do I need to contact? - Coil can help navigate all of this.

The more informed parents and guardians are, the more they can effectively advocate for their children's success.

Executive Functioning for Parents/Guardians

Have you often wondered how to manage homework time and how to lessen the conflict? Coil can teach parents strategies for supporting their child's learning in a way that is positive for both of you and gives ownership of learning back to the child.

Level B Assessments

If you're wondering where exactly your child is functioning at academically, Coil can do Academic Achievement assessments (the KTEA-3 Brief) to determine your child's current academic skills. This assessment can be used for screening, progress monitoring or pre-referral for a full psycho-educational assessment.

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