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Teacher Consultation Services


Educating is a sacred endeavour.

Our Beliefs & Mission:

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  • Anyone is able to learn if provided an environment and plan which matches the way their brain works.

  • Addressing the emotional demands of learning will result in more engagement and, in turn, will equate to real learning.

  • We are committed to contributing to the craft of educating students by connecting the cognitive and emotional facets of learning and by inspiring educators to engage students in the classroom with enriched mindsets and tools.

Let’s Work Together

We can customize a learning experience for yourself or a group to connect the cognitive and emotional facets of learning.

Delivery Options:

  • On-line (Zoom or Teams) or in-person
  • One-on-one, small groups, or large groups
  • Recursive process where supports and consultations are provided throughout the school year
  • Co-planning and co-teaching lessons
  • Modeling strategies in the classroom
  • Collaborative, action-based research
  • Equity audit within the classroom and/or organization
  • Can be customized to optimize individual PD allotment
  • Workshops & retreats

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