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Learner Consultation Services
- learning how to learn -

     Learning is a complex, personal activity we all engage in everyday throughout our lives. To be successful learners in school, students need to acquire strategies and skills that allow them to make meaning out of the tasks and experiences put before them. Sometimes these strategies and skills are not overtly taught or learned, resulting in school becoming a very challenging place.

     At Coil Educational Consulting, consulting services are customized to enhance the client’s natural gifts while building strategies to be successful learners and students. Using various responsive teaching techniques, clients will acquire a customized tool kit to enhance their ability to learn. The foundation of the tool kit will be developing executive functioning (EF) skills and strategies. Executive functioning skills included: Initiation, Flexible Thinking, Attention, Organization, Planning, Working Memory, Self-awareness, Managing Emotions. (Cox, 2007)

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      We will build your learning plan together and co-create your tool kit. Because our work together will focus on learning rather than producing, you will lay down new connections in your brain so you are better able to navigate learning challenges in the future.  My goal is that you will eventually not need me and can move on in learning with confidence while embracing your unique gifts.

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