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Community Consultation

After 25 years of successfully accessing various systems and procedures for struggling students and their families, Tina has become very adept and tenacious at seeking out information, completing forms and gaining approval for accommodations and for funding. This service at Coil seeks to leverage these years of experience to support other community groups in accessing specialized funding and programs for their members. We can also offer equity audits of your organization so you meet funding application requirements.

Perspective changes everything!

When stuck in the mire of bureaucracies and red tape, it can be difficult to see the path towards success.  Many governmental systems are designed to be challenging to access with purposeful barriers that are frustrating to potential clients and end users.  We would like to work with you to ease these frustrations by identifying and eliminating barriers, being assertive in finding allies and thorough in completing forms.  Sometimes removing the barrier is simply about knowing the right questions to ask of the right people, which takes experiences and networking.

Totem on Benson Island
Women Holding Hands

Being the bridge

Coil Educational Consulting offers to be the bridge between Indigenous communities and governmental agencies and procedures, which, at times, can present daunting barriers to Indigenous communities.  Being a bridge, Coil will facilitate efforts so that Indigenous communities are not being blocked at any step when accessing colonial systems, and, most importantly, we will be committed to honouring their sovereignty as we address barriers.

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